Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Bethesda last year and Machine Games released a relatively competent shooter in the face of Wolfenstein: The New Order and the game became a favorite of many gamers. Now comes its own prikuel The Old Blood, which proves that the killing of the hated Nazis remains a timeless fashion in gaming.

While The New Order was too long, quite unrelated tone and generally dependent mostly weapons at your disposal, The Old Blood is shorter, tighter and more connected. Attempts to recreate some controversial scenes and to seek more advanced approach being replaced by a focus mainly on themselves battles. There are still some nachenik search of pathos, but they are not as irritating and presented better than before.

The Old Blood is divided into two main parts, each of which takes us to 1946, when the Allies desperately seeking to put an end to the war. The first part is an attack and thus escape from the eponymous Castle Wolfenstein, while the second part will encounter occult Nazi forces. If you need to compare them, both have their charm, but the former may be more cool because opposition contrast of modern and powerful weapons crumbling and antique-looking castle.

Above all, the castle itself is a good location for history and an equally interesting place to explore. In its corridors sneak commanders who must eliminate silently before they can call for backup, and robotic soldiers, which is best simply to pull the plug. Such moments tear well traditional shootouts, but it is in them The New Order feels best. The combination of long corridors and wide spaces makes castle architecture well suited for the dynamics and the way of action. In the way BJ Blazkovits decimating bloody Nazi ranks against him, there is something mesmerizing and adrenaline.