Magicka 2

If you have not had the chance to play the original game, the release of Magicka 2 will surely fill you with an extra dose of entertainment. “Fun” is a word that is commonly found in gaming, but certainly not every game deserves. Fortunately, the core of Magicka 2 is precisely unadulterated fun that makes the game so successful.

2 Magicka is an action role-playing game in which you can participate from 1 to 4 wizards who embark on an adventure in Midgard to liberate this land from the shackles of evil. Every magician has available 8 separate spells associated with the various elements that in turn can be combined to create even more powerful spells. Any combination can include up to 5 elements that definitely gives you pleased number of options if you want to experiment. At the heart of the spells are known variants – the water beat the fire, ice can freeze the water and electricity in turn can be used to fund some of the machines around you. Sometimes these combinations have very strange like to combine life and death upon themselves to become partially immune from various attacks.

After taking into account all these options, the number of combinations can seem quite confusing and large, but Magicka 2 is actually quite simple, as to what you can do. So soon you will already master some pretty impressive combo attacks, and of course, a big part of the fun associated with team play. The chaos on the screen have four wizards that make both different and destructive spells, definitely awesome sight. In the beginning was fun to watch the magic you literally absorb your teammates, but it must be careful with friendly fire. Furthermore, the game team is certainly a better way to go campaign; not that it is impossible to play alone, but not so cheerful.