Batman: Arkham Knight

Maybe you do not believe, but games for the Man-Bat far start with a series of Rocksteady. Moreover, over the years there have been some very decent titles – under the restrictions of the corresponding hardware, of course – as Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu for PS2, GameCube and XBOX or Batman: The Brave and the Bold for Wii. But the fact is that only when a series Arkham gamers felt they really have full control of the superhero and took advantage of his fighting and stealth skills, recreated in a very graceful manner.

After leaving Arkham Origins of another studio Rocksteady holder is back at the helm of the series with its next-gen debut – Batman: Arkham Knight. This will be the last game of the talented British studio that won the name exactly with that series. Incidentally, the only other game of Rocksteady is a PS2 exclusive Urban Chaos and if you have, you can try it, because it is also not so bad title.

But back to Batman: Arkham Knight.

Place of action

In the year after the death of the Joker in Arkham City, the streets of Gotham are uncharacteristically peaceful. Just as citizens of the metropolis began to enjoy the ensuing lull turns out that it actually is before the storm. Scarecrow appears with his plan to take revenge on Batman and causing mass evacuations from the town after it lavished with toxic bombs. That laid the foundation for another bout of Man-Bat, which will again be voiced by Kevin Conroy specialist.

Bruce Wayne himself is also not wasted the last 12 months, quite the opposite – for example, it has a completely new suit, treated with realistic physical effects, and new gadgets to help him in battles and night walks Gotham. Not to mention the Batmobile.